Girl Next Door

Oh so natural! Individual lashes are applied on each of your own lash. Added an extra length and volume to enhance the natural shape of your eyes.

Shhhh, let me tell you something!
“No one will know you weren’t born with them”


A game changer for those who want something slightly bolder yet less dramatic.

This set is ideal for clients who want the best of both worlds.


Domineering effect with a gentle touch. Creating a maximum fullness of fluffiness.

They’ve also given lash wearers more opportunity to personalise their lash look.

Lady Like

A mixture of combinations with all sort of curls and lengths from our special customised techniques, resulting in a glamorous sexy look from the side.

Lady Bomber

Magic starts happening, once you start to believe in yourself. Reclaim your confidence in our most dramatic look of all, creating the extra dense effect with our in-house tailored make lashes.

Keratin Lash Lift

☑ Tint 

A professional treatment that lifts, curls and boosts your natural lash INSTANTLY!


Classic Gel Single Colour Manicure

Manicure Add-ons
Jump Colour
Single Design/Diamond Accessory
Extension (per nail)
Mirror Effect
French Design


Fresh and refined with a touch of classic look


Captivating, glam design with a unique charm


Exotic chic design. Get ready to enjoy that party moment


Classic Gel Single Colour Pedicure
includes cut & shape, cuticles cleaning, foot scrub

Express Gel Single Colour Pedicure
includes cut & shape

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows


A hair stroke pattern according to the arrangement of the original hair flow, perfect for an ultra natural look.
It makes the original eyebrow shape more complete, even without makeup, the effect is more like the eyebrows of your own.

Suitable for dry/neutral skin types.


Presented in a finely dotted shading.
It is perfect for those who like the makeup look.
If you need to cover the old existing eyebrows embroidery, misty eyebrows are your pick!

Suitable for all skin/oily skin types.



Combining the microblading and misty techniques, a hair stroke design to gradual powdery look.
This set is perfect for clients who want the best of both worlds!

Suitable for combination skin type.

*All Semi-Permanent Eyebrows include one touch-up

For other eyebrow services (Hanna Brow or Brow Bomber), kindly WhatsApp us.


Hair Tinsel

A tiny threads of tinsel secured to each strands of hair to add subtle sparkle on your hair, which also known as “fairy hair”