Creating the Perfect Arc of a Nail Surface

Each and every person’s nails are very unique, their lifestyle choices, their daily routine and the shape of their natural nails will depict if their nails will look phenomenal or not.

We are all born with different nail shapes!!!!

Some of you may encounter uneven nail surfaces, nails grow downward or brittle nails just like the picture showing below.

Do not be afraid! We are here to help!!!

FC Structure Gel helps to adjust the uneven nail surface and create the perfect C-curve.

What is Structure Gel?

A clear soak-off gel product used to strengthen the nails and create a perfect c-curve nail surface.

How is Structure Gel Used?

  • Strengthening
  • Adjust the arc of the nail surface
  • Level the unevenness of the nail surface
  • Avoid discoloration